Badshot Lea Big Pond
Badshot Lea, Aldershot, Hampshire

OS Map Reference: SU 682 489

Postcode: GU9 9LQ
Water Type: Mature Gravel Pit
Designation: Carp & Specimen Water

Size: 16 acres
Maximum Depth: 10 feet

Secure Parking


Head Bailiff: Mr. A. Loten

Deputy Bailiff: Mr. M Hurdle
Local Surrey Police: 101

Roach to 2lb

Bream to 10lb
Carp to 24lb+

Tench to 11lb
Grass Carp to 34lb+

Catfish to 68lb

Koi Carp to 15lb
Perch to 3lb

Pike - Rudd - big Eels - Roach/Bream hybrids

Farnham Angling Society Venue - Badshot Lea Big Pond
Catfish 44lbCatfish brace of 22lb & 23lbCommon Carp Scar showing why she is so namedView of Badshot Lea Big PondTench6lb Kitten with a big future ?27lb Catfish D Lock 8th May 2004Mirror CarpGrass Carp 23lb 10oz caught by Trevor HopkinsBadshot Lea islandCatfish 32lb 3ozCatfish 39lb 4oz23lb 12oz Mirror CarpView of Badshot Lea Big Pond22lb 8oz Grass Carp Matt StevensDawn from The Old PinWinter view of the islandView from the Old Pin

A popular mixed coarse fishery for many years, the Big Pond is now gaining a well deserved reputation as an excellent catfish water. With sixteen well-stocked acres to choose from, finding a swim to enjoy a successful session is seldom a problem.

This mature gravel pit offers a wide range of fishing from 69 swims. Species include Roach to 2lbs, Bream to 10lb, Common Carp to 21lb, Mirror Carp to 24lb, Perch to 3lb and Tench to 11lb.

The lake also provides an opportunity to catch some of the more exotic and non-indigenous species like Grass Carp to 34lb, Wels Catfish to 68lb and Koi Carp.

In recent seasons, the Society has spent time and effort monitoring and improving the quality of this water and has successfully increased the stock.

Toilets and fresh water are available in the Car Park.

Tackle and Tactics

Tactics for the Carp have centred around single baits with groundbait sticks or pellet bags over recent years, although the time might be right for a comeback of fishing over particles or pellet.

The Bream and Hybrids give excellent sport on the pole or feeder and large bags are easily attainable with either maggot or pellet as a bait.

The Catfish offer an interesting challenge and once you have hooked a decent sized specimen you will know why they are such a popular quarry. Most cats come out to anglers fishing for Carp, but a live bait presented just sub surface is a killing method.

Remember to set your clutch properly to avoid being flat lined if you connect with a Catfish, which grow to over 60lb !

Catch Reports

Water Report

The A.O. King Trophy – Best Specimen based on percentage  of National Record

Mr D J  Snell was this years winner with a 32lb 4oz Grass Carp caught on the 1st July.

April to January 2009

Mr Steve Ball caught a 36lb  11oz Common Carp during the 24-Hour Charity Match on 14th May.

First Report

With many anglers fishing for the Carp, the outstanding Bream and silver fish potential can often be  overlooked by pleasure anglers   unfamiliar with the water wishing to fish on the pole, the waggler of  the quiver tip.

The method feeder and maggots or pellet often account for large  bags of Bream, including occasional Tench of all sizes and Carp from 5lb to  30lb+. 60 lbs of mixed species are quite common among pleasure anglers who know  the fishery catches include Bream 5-6lb, with plenty of 8lb and occasional  specimens of 10lb+. The silver fish can be excellent, with nets of good quality  Roach to 1lb+ and Roach-Bream hybrids to 1lb and Perch being caught on the pole  and those fishing the waggler.

The Carp will respond to  standard tactics, with a large bed of bait producing multiple catches of Carp,  Grass Carp and often include a Catfish. As the water warms up and the fish  start to move up through the water, surface fishing can be great fun and quite  productive.

Generally the Carp at the  Lea can be quite accommodating, falling to most methods, including hemp and  pellets, ground bait with corn, boilies, maggots, paste, worms, fish baits and  bread with Method-feeders and almost any hook bait bringing good results. The  larger fish, 20lb+ and up to over 35lb for both Common and Mirror Carp tend to  be caught on bigger baits such as big boilies and pellets. If fishing is quiet,  ring the changes to see what will work on the given day. The Grass Carp start  moving as the water warms in late April and May and plenty are normally caught  by maize, pop-up baits or even ‘zig’ rigs.

The large and very powerful  Catfish are usually caught by accident by the Carp anglers, using heavy gear  that is capable of landing such fish, although many may hook them only to have  them surge off and left to wonder as what it may have been ! Few anglers have  the equipment to safely weigh these large Catfish if caught, so please leave  them in the water in a landing net, preferably held by a fellow angler or  firmly secured to the bank whilst you quickly get some help. Please do not try  to deal with them with inadequate kit, you will need extra unhooking mats, a  very large and strong weigh sling and a serious set of scales.

Record Fish

Farnham Angling Society Record

Species lbs:ozs:drms kilo.grms Date Captor
Wells Catfish
April 2008
Ryan Reid
Common Carp
September 2010
Jason Clarke
April 2010
Daniel Ibbott


Local Bye-Laws
  • All banks may be fished.
  • Please ensure that the gate is locked at all times, even if it was open on your arrival.
  • Night fishing is allowed, but we must stress that junior members are not permitted to fish at night without an accompanying AND adjacent SENIOR MEMBER. (see bye-law 4.r)
  • Please note Bye-law 4. j.2 and 4.v pages are specific to this water.
  • No carp to be retained in keepnets.

24 Hour Jack Frost Memorial Charity Pairs Match - Badshot Lea Big Pond (Members only)




Pairs fish together in the same or adjacent swims.

Junior teams are welcome, but parents must provide written consent.

The draw for swims take place at 10.00am on Saturday 2nd May with the match starting at midday.

Normal Farnham AS rules apply, but to maintain fairness to all competitors, bait boats are not allowed.

The match finishes at midday on Sunday with the presentations in the main car park at about 1.30pm.

For more details please contact Jon Hyatt on 07584 - 023911 to book your team’s place.


Junior Carp Academy - May 2014

A massive thank you from Farnham Angling Society to David Benton, Duncan Smith, Adrian Fautley, Ryan Boyda, Josh Curd, Nigel Sharp & Brad Bickell (for returning from having attended previously as a Junior), for kindly donating their own time and braving the weather to help at the Carp Academy last weekend on The Old Pin on Badshot Lea Big Pond last weekend.

Many thanks as always to Hampshire Tackle for providing such a great deal on all the bait for the event once again.

The Juniors/Intermediates that attended were Billie Turner, Karl Butler, Reece Butler, Jack Cooper, Matt Gaines, James Holtham, Robbie Lunn & Jimmy Pullen, all of whom caught and who had some great Carp & Catfish, some of which are shown below.

Well done to Dave & the rest of the team for once again giving their time to help our Junior members become better anglers who will hopefully assist others in the future and follow the great example set by Brad & thanks to him for all the great photos . . . . . . well done everyone.

Badshot Lea Complex: Big Pond, Small Pond & Kings Pond.

The use of Farnham AS landing nets, keep nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings.

The provision of this equipment is scheduled to cease as from 1st April 2014, i.e. for member using the 2014/15 handbook.

However, we have established that we do not have enough of the equipment to go round for the members that are taking advantage of the long overdue fine weather and making use of the complex, as a result all current Members with a 2013/14 handbook may use their own equipment with immediate effect.

Chief Bailiff, Head Bailiffs at Badshot Lea Complex & The Executive Committee

Carp Stocking at Badshot Lea Big Pond

Stocking at Badshot Lea Big Pond
25 pristine Carp, including Mirror, Common & Fully Scaled fish between 14lb & 16lb have been stocked into Badshot Lea Big Pond. Please see the link that shows 10 of these stunning fish.
The Executive Committee - 3rd February 2014

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Junior Coarse Fishing Teach-in Tuesday 28th May

Free tuition on tactics - Helicopter rigs and other methods with Duncan Charman.
Venue - Badshot Lea Big Pond.
Meet 9am in Main carpark - Fish 10am - 2pm
Pegs 58 & 59 closed from 7am to 4pm on the 28th.
Free angling tuition available to Junior Members. Call me on 01252 315271 or 07928 617006 to book your place (or Mick or Fran at The Creel on 01252 - 320871 in the first instance), limited to 6 juniors on a first come first served basis. You will need to provide your name and FAS 2013/14 handbook number.
Juniors do not need to bring tackle as they will be able to use mine that will be set up for demonstrations and junior use, however if they wish to learn and then fish with thier own tackle, then that's fine.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Duncan Charman

24-Hr Jack Frost Memorial Charity Pairs Match

Midday on Saturday 25th 'til midday on Sunday 26th May. Draw at 9.00am. (The last Bank Holiday weekend in May)

The primary aim this year is to raise funds for The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, have fun and to catch some fish. This match is purely for pleasure, with the emphasis on fundraising, I must emphasise that unless sponsorship is paid in full within 3-months of the date of the match the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee for their full and final consideration.

A maximum of 15 pairs may take part. Pairs fish together in the same or adjacent swims. Junior teams may compete - written parental consent required.

The draw for swims takes place at 10.00am on Saturday, fishing starts at midday.

Normal FAS rules, but to maintain fairness to all competitors, bait boats are not allowed.

The event concludes with the prize giving in the main car park on the Sunday afternoon by 2pm.

To book your place, call Mark Hurdle on 07970 – 423784. You will need to send the following to Mark Hurdle at 26 Lipscombe Rise, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2HP.

a)     A cheque for £50.00 made payable to ‘The Phyliss Tuckwell Hospice’.
b)     Your team details –

1/.Competitors names, addresses and telephone numbers.
2/. FAS permit numbers.
3/. The name of your team.

Please remember, all existing KHV measures will remain in force at the Badshot Lea complex during the 2013/14 season and ALL competitors have to abide by the measures regarding the use of:

a)    Landing nets               b) Keep Nets            c)  Unhooking mats          d) Weigh Slings

For more information or to book your teams place, please call Mark Hurdle on 07970 - 423784 ASAP.

Our brand new promotional film advertises Farnham Angling Society.

Our brand new promotional film advertises Farnham Angling Society and specifically the Badshot Lea Complex with details of the fisheries and winning methods to get the best from each of these waters. Special thanks to Brian Gay of V2V ( for all his help and guidance during the making of this film.

Just click on the link to watch the video....


Ian Gray, Honorary Secretary & The Executive Committee - 20th March 2013

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Bailiff Match Results June 2012

Thanks to all the bailiffs who entered the bailiffs match on June 23rd 2012. We had 10 pairs of anglers who are all bailiffs on different waters or Committee Bailiffs.

Everyone had a great time and all the teams caught.

First with 173b 7oz was Glen, a bailiff on Tarn and Warren, and Paul, a bailiff on River Valley.
Second with 137lb was Mark and Les, bailiffs on Badshot Lea Big and Small Ponds.
Third 109lb 2oz was Alby and Andy, bailiffs on Badshot Lea Big and Small Ponds.

The largest fish caught was a 31lb 4 oz catfish caught by Andy, bailiff on Badshot Lea Small Pond.

Thanks to Terry, Carol, Wendy and Phil for the great job they did on the BBQ, also to the Executive Committee for the trophies and supplying the food.

Fred Durbridge - Chief Bailiff

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FAS raises over £31,000 for Charity in 11 years

Following this year’s 24-Hour Jack Frost Memorial Charity Pairs Match which is organised by Farnham Angling Society and takes place on Badshot Lea Big Pond near Farnham, Surrey, The Second Chance Children’s Charity in Portsmouth will receive in excess of £2,000.

This is the 12th year that we have run the match to commemorate the late Mr Jack Frost, our previous Secretary who gave 40-years of service to the Society and who was an active charity worker.

Since starting as a match fished by 8 individual anglers fishing on the Old Pin, it progressed to a pair’s match that normally occupies the entire lake.

My sincere thanks go to all the anglers that took part, as at one stage it looked as though the match may have to be cancelled, but a typical late run saw 12 teams register.

The weather was glorious, and had been for the week before the event, with a northerly wind turning into a steady north easterly wind pushing diagonally across the lake.

At 9.45am the draw took place and the teams all headed off to their pegs to see what the next 24-hours would bring.....

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Ruffe Record Falls!

Junior Jimi Loten has claimed the FAS record for a Ruffe with a 1oz 4dr Ruffe that was caught from Badshot Lea Big Pond on 28 October 2011 and carefully weighed using electronic kitchen scales !

Jimi showed that his specimen hunting, for which he is fast making a name for himself, is not just confined to Barbel such as this 16lb 4oz specimen that he took from Carters Hill in July this year which was just 8oz off the existing FAS record.

Fishing for Pike?, you must attend a Pike Teach In!

Want to fish for Pike, then remember you need to have attended an FAS Pike Teach In !

There is no need to book. Anyone wishing to fish for Pike on FAS waters must attend a Pike teach-in. This includes all guests and exchanged members.Anyone who is not a member may also attend a teach-in, all are welcome.

Please remember that to qualify for a 'Pike Fishing permit stamp' in the Handbook, attendants must arrive before the stated time of each teach-in session (times indicated below) and bring the required equipment as per bye-law 4.s.ii a-g (see pages 10-11 to allow for a tackle check by FAS officials, otherwise you will not be able to complete the teach-in).

All required tackle will be available to purchase and sold at 10% discount (cash transactions only).

You must be prepared to handle Pike during the teach-in session. All Pike Teach-Ins completed for 2011/12 Season and the next Teach-Ins will start in September 2012. For further information contact, Mike Slater 07967 736 815.

It does not get much better than this at Badshot Lea Big Pond !

Trevor Hopkins has broken the FAS Common Carp record, catching Scar at 40lb 14oz. This was included within an amazing haul of 35 Carp, with only 2 under 10lb and the best of the rest at 19lb 13oz. This included 10 Grass Carp, with 3 over 20lb, and the biggest at 23lb 10oz. he also had a a Catfish of 29lb 9oz. Trevor caught all the fish from the same swim over 7 nights fishing, over the course of 10-days on and off Badshot lea Big Pond.

FAS Raise £3,306.11 for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice!

The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham received £3,306.11 thanks to the members of Farnham Angling Society following the 2011 24-Hour Jack Frost Memorial Charity Pairs Match at the clubs flagship Badshot Lea complex. On the Sunday 29th May 2011 David Benton & Nigel Sharp were declared the winners, the two specialists having fished well to catch 155lb 3oz of Bream & Carp. They had been pressed hard all the way by Mark Hurdle & Ben Ivory who finished second with 118lb and Ian Gray & Simon Walmsley who came third with 98lb 6oz of Bream, Roach, Perch and Rudd and Tench. The better specimens landed included a 16lb 1oz Common Carp, a 10lb Bream and 7lb 5oz Tench. Ian Gray, Honorary Secretary of Farnham Angling Society, explained "This is the 11th year we have run the match to commemorate the late Mr Jack Frost, our previous Secretary, who gave 40-years service to the Society and who was an active charity worker." The winners of the match received complementary permits for next season. In addition, the junior & senior anglers raising the most sponsorship, those finishing in the second & third placed teams and those individuals landing the best specimens all won fishing tackle prizes that had been generously donated by the owners of Hampshire Tackle, Gold Valley Angling Centre, Nash Baits, Tackle Up, The Creel, Guildford Angling Centre, Backhurst Bait Supplies, Rokers Animal Feeds, Goldsworth Angling, Westfield Angling and Nigel Sharp.

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Common Carp record falls again & again !

The Big Common at Badshot Lea Big Pond has been caught several times this season, and has now broken the official FAS record for the species as it continues to pack on weight for the coming winter. Jason Clarke of Nottingham caught the Big Common at 40lb 3oz on 29th September to claim a new FAS record, having seen it topping at 30m the previous day, he spodded about half a kilo of maize and used 4 pieces of maize and a piece of fake corn on a 3 inch hooklink off a size 10 hook. Earlier this season, John Triggs landed the big Common Carp at 38lb 0oz on 26th June, 4oz short of the FAS record. He then had the good fortune to catch it again on , but this time at 38lb 8oz in August and claimed the new FAS record. Stott McDermott then caught it at 39lb 1oz to claim the FAS record on 29th August, but this has now been broken by Jason Clarke's capture. Since it was caught at 40lb 3oz, it has been caught twice at 39lb 12oz, by Jamie James on 4th October and by Peter Hooper on 11th October. Who could be next ?

FAS Charity Match Raises Over £1,771

Following this years (2010) 24-Hour Jack Frost Memorial Charity Match that took place at Badshot Lea Big Pond on the weekend of Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May 2010, The Second Chance Children's Charity will benefit from a donation of £1,771 via Farnham Angling Society. Now in it’s 10th year, the match commemorates the late Mr Jack Frost, who gave 40-years of service to the Society and was an active charity worker. The matches have now raised a total of £25K that has been donated to The Second Chance Children's Charity based in Portsmouth and the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham. On behalf of FAS I again express thanks to the 20 anglers that took part who enjoyed the match and congratulations to all for raising the funds.Read More....

FAS Tench Record Falls

Congratulations to Daniel Ibbott pictured with a fish of a lifetime, caught on 15th April 2010 at Badshot Lea Big Pond, a fantastic Tench of 10lb 10oz. This has been accepted as the new FAS record by the Executive Committee having been witnessed by two Junior Members.

Directions & Parking

From the roundabout (Shepherd and Flock) at the eastern end of the Farnham by-pass take the exit road sign posted Aldershot after 200m take the 2nd exit on the mini-roundabout sign posted to Badshot Lea and Trading Estate.

Pass Sainsbury’s superstore on your right, go straight across another mini-roundabout and continue about a mile to traffic lights.

Turn left into Lower Weybourne Lane. After about 0.25 miles turn right into the car park, immediately before the railway bridge and the Sea-Cadet hall.

Alternatively, approaching from the direction of Farnborough on the A325, turn left at Heath End between the Royal Arms public house and the petrol station.

Proceed down the hill, straight across the cross roads, and continue until you pass beneath the railway bridge and past the Sea Cadet hall on your left.

The car park is then immediately on the left.

A further car park is now available with access from the A324 Lower Farnham Road, the new car park has been built next to the existing pedestrian access gate to the Small Pond.

All parts of the Complex can be reached from the car parks. The waters can also be reached from Boxalls Lane along a footpath parallel with the railway line,