Changes to the Mill Lane Night Ticket System

Please note the changes that are highlighted on the following two pages within the Farnham Angling Society 2012/13 handbook and the insert to page 39, plus the change that was included within the Spring Newsletter. The system was introduced from 1st April 2012 and has been subject to change (which will appear on the Mill Lane map page), as the system will continue to be monitored throughout the season.


No close season.
  1. Nineteen anglers only per night.
  2. Twentieth ticket is for bailiff’s use only.
  3. Members can book up to a maximum of three consecutive nights at a time. Whether a members books 1,2 or 3 nights, they will be given one night ticket code (see Tarn Pond rule 8), so members may only make one advance booking at a time: be it 1, 2 or 3 nights. Members who book in advance must use the dates already booked before booking another session, ie you may only have up to 3 consecutive nights booked at any one time.
  4. Anglers who have fished a 3 night session must remove their tackle from the Mill Lane complex for the subsequent 3 nights. If a member books 1 or 2 nights and wishes to continue for up to 3 nights they will have to contact the system operator, both to check if there are places available and to obtain a new code. Members may extend their session if the tickets are available, and these may be booked after 3.30pm in the afternoon following their existing booking.
  5. Their next night may be booked after 3.30pm the afternoon following their last night. Having finished their session, a member may call to make their next night fishing booking after 3.30pm on the afternoon following their last night.
  6. Any Member that has booked a night/s, who then decides not to fish, must also inform the operator and cancel. Members not doing so may face Disciplinary action, which could result in them being barred from booking nights or even losing their membership.
  7. Tarn Pond rules 4, 6, 7, 8, 12 & 13 (as shown below), also apply. Guest tickets may not be used to book a night ticket on Mill Lane.


Close season applies: Closed between 15th March to 15th June.

  1. Twelve anglers only per night.
  2. Thirteenth ticket is for bailiff’s use only.
  3. Members can only book one night at a time.
  4. Members must give their name and permit number at time of booking. They will be given a code number, which they must give to the bailiff on the water if requested.
  5. Anglers who have fished the previous night must wait until 3:30pm the next day before phoning for another ticket for that night.
  6. Members wishing to cancel must do so before 4:00pm on the day booked.
  7. Members trying for a cancellation ticket must not phone before 5:00pm.
  8. Members may book 28-days in advance, BUT may only hold one night ticket code at any one time.
  9. The first two nights of the season are drawn, 12-tickets per night. Details of the draw are published in the Spring newsletter.
  10. Bookings for June 18th onwards may be booked from 20th May.
  11. Members may book two consecutive nights from 15th October until 14th March.
  12. Any Member found to be abusing the Night Ticket System will face disciplinary action.
  13. Night tickets are not available for Guests.


Booking night tickets and night fishing rules for: Mill Lane, Tarn, Warren & Frensham Little Ponds.

To book a night, call the NIGHT SYSTEM OPERATORS on 07955 784054 (Mill Lane) or 07903 250905 (Tarn Pond, Warren Pond & Frensham Small Pond), between 2.30pm to 6.30pm daily. (No voice mail messages will be accepted).


No close season
  1. Four anglers only per night.
  2. Rules are as for Tarn Pond, with the exception of 9 & 10.


Close season applies: Closed between 15th March to 15th June.
  1. Ten anglers only per night.
  2. The first night of the season is to be drawn, 10 tickets per night.


Guidance and clarification regarding the Night Ticket System:

From 2.30pm on Wednesday 14th March 2012, FAS members with a 2012/13 handbook may call the Night System Operator to start booking night tickets for Mill Lane. The first night will start at 00.00 on 1st April 2012, as the water is closed to fishing on 31st March. Members may book up to a maximum of 28 days in advance.

‘Night Priority’ swims: These exist at Mill Lane, Tarn Pond & Warren Pond.

Members that have booked a night ticket may fish any swim on their chosen fishery that night, however by choosing one of the ‘Night Priority’ swims it enables you to require a member in that swim, without a night booking ticket for that night, to vacate it 1-hour before sunset.