The Executive Committee

Farnham Angling Society is controlled by an Executive Committee who meet monthly to make decisions on behalf of the membership for the continued good running of the society.

The Executive Committee is elected from the Senior membership at the AGM and three members of the Executive Committee are required to stand for re-election each year. Please check your handbook for details of how you stand for election.

Officers of the Society

President – Duncan Charman
Vice Presidents – Chris Ball
Trustees – Tony Jeatt, Mick Borra & Mike Barrass
Honorary Life Members 
Tony Jeatt, Peter Kerins, Mike Barrass, Mick Borra, Peter Hooper, Ian Gray, Fred Durbridge & Angela Durbridge
Chair – Peter Kerins
Vice Chair – Nik Turner
Honorary Secretary – Ian Gray
Membership Secretary – Mick Borra
Match Secretary – Bob Hall
Fishery Management Secretary – Trevor Hopkins
Chief Bailiff – Simon King

Deputy Chief Bailiffs – Paul Goodyear & Tristan Goddard

Trout Secretary – Ben Poulsom

President – Duncan Charman
Vice Presidents – Chris Ball & Deryk Randall
Trustees – Tony Jeatt & Mick Borra
Honorary Life Members
Tony Jeatt, Deryk Randall, Mike Barrass, Richard Cane, Charlie Collier, Mick Borra, Peter Hooper & Ian Gray.

Chairman – Richard Cane
Vice Chairman – Peter Kerins
Honorary Secretary – Ian Gray
Membership Secretary – Mick Borra
Match Secretary – Richard Cane
Fishery Management secretary – Richard Cane
Chief Bailiff – Simon King

Deputy Chief Baliff
– Paul Goodyear

Trout Secretary – Chris Thayer


Peter Kerins (Chair)
Nik Turner (Vice Chair)
Simon King (Chief Bailiff)
Paul Goodyear
Mark Hurdle
Alan Muller
Rob Hill
Trevor Hopkins
Richard Noble
Tristan Goddard

Richard Cane (Chairman & Fishery Management Secretary)
Angela Durbridge
Fred Durbridge
Paul Goodyear
Trevor Hopkins
Mark Hurdle
Peter Kerins (Vice Chairman)
Simon King (Chief Bailiff)
Richard Noble
Mark Ruggles
Rob Tasker
Nik Turner