Mill Lane

Yateley, Hampshire

OS Map Reference: SU 819 615
Postcode: GU46 7TE
Water Type: Mature Gravel Pit
Designation: Specialist Carp Water
Size: 8 acres
Maximum Depth: 12 feet
Facilities: Secure Parking
Contacts: Head Bailiff: P White
Deputy Bailiff: K Hurd
Local Police: 101
Stock: Mirror Carp to 40lb+
Common Carp to 40lb+
Grass Carp to 40lb+
Pike to 12lb+
Perch to 2lb
Bream to 15lb
Rudd to 1lb
Eels to 6lb
Tench (Female) to 10lb 14oz
Tench (Male) to 11lb 6oz

Without doubt the Society’s main specimen water where most of the species present grow to above average size. This eight acre lake is one of the more difficult waters, as stocks of the larger fish are not high. But when a big Mill Lane Grass Carp or Crucian is drawn over the net, the cost in rod hours seems almost irrelevant. The lake is also a highly rated Pike water.

Mill Lane is one of our premier Carp fishery, containing Carp, exceeding 40lb. Tench have been coming out into double figures on a regular basis. The venue requires a very dedicated approach, but the patient and dedicated can reap considerable rewards.

Mirror Carp to 40lb+, Common Carp to 40lb+ and Grass Carp to 40lb+ are present in the lake which offers a very attractive and secure environment and the lake also contains other specimen sized fish, including Eels to 6lb plus, Tench to 11lb+ (Average size 6-7lb!), Bream to 15lb, Pike to 12lb and Perch to 2lb.

Like most specimen
waters, the fishing is far from easy and you should be aware that a substantial
investment of time is usually required to obtain success with the specimen fish. As the lake also contains some good Pike, Members are reminded of the need
to comply with the specific Bye-law 4.s regarding this delicate species.

The species here require specialist tactics and the abundant weed makes this one of our most challenging venues, although the catches can be mind blowing with colossal fish of all species. This is a fenced and secluded water, providing a pleasant and private fishery for our members.

The short stretch of the River Blackwater that borders this venue contains Chub, Roach, Gudgeon, Dace and Pike.

A Walk Around the Yateley Mill Lane Fishery Video

Click through the image to to view the video that takes you for a walk around this venue:

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Record Fish

Farnham Angling Society Record

Species lbs:ozs:drms kilo.grms Date Captor
Grass Carp 35:00:00 15.875 July 2006 Derek Rance
Mirror Carp 42:12:00 19.051 August 2007 Robert Snape
Bream 16:12:0 7.648 May 2004 Andy Thomas
Pike 30:09:00 13.608 December 1988 Phillip Cottrell

Tackle and Tactics

Anglers use specialist tactics for most of the species in Mill Lane, whether they are after monster Carp or Bream. The weed makes presentation difficult and it is important to know exactly where your bait is landing to help ensure success.

A frequent tactic is finding a hole in the weed with a marker float and then casting a bait into the hole with a few free offerings or if you can find a reasonably sized hole, another tactic that has brought good results is fishing over a bed of hemp.

The Pike make an interesting quarry in winter and give good sport on suspended dead baits fished above or on the weed.

Local Bye-Laws

  • All banks may be fished (but not the island).
  • Please ensure that the gate is locked at all times, even if it was open on your
  • No unattended wheelbarrows to be left on site.
  • Junior members are not permitted to fish at night without an accompanying AND adjacent SENIOR MEMBER. (see bye-law 4.r)
  • Night Fishing
    Night ticket operator – Tel 07955 784054 which operates between 2.30pm – 6:30pm daily (no voicemail or text messages will be accepted).
    A ‘ Night Ticket’ System operates on this water from 1st April until 31st October each year. You cannot night fish on this water between these dates unless you have booked your ticket. See your handbook for full details of how to book your night ticket.
  • Non night fishing members must restrict their fishing to the period of 5.00 am and until 10.30pm and vacate the swim.


Just off Mill Lane, Yateley, Hampshire

Directions & Parking

Take the B3272 through Yateley, heading in the direction of Reading. After the shops and petrol stations on your right, turn right into Mill Lane, there is a signpost on the corner marked ‘Yateley Industries’. Follow the road for half a mile, you will see a recessed gateway on your right hand side, this is the fishery entrance.

Members must park within the fishery, not on the public highway. Three car parks are provided within the fishery, see map. Parking within the lay-by on the track to the right of the main access, is restricted to disabled anglers only.

All banks may be fished (but not the island). This is a fenced and secluded water, providing a pleasant and private fishery for our members.