Warren Pond

Cut Mill, Surrey

OS Map Reference: SU 907 407
Postcode: GU10 1JH
Water Type: Dammed Estate Lake
Designation: Carp & Specimen Water
Size: 4 acres
Maximum Depth: 3 feet
Facilities: Parking
Contacts: Head Bailiff: Mr M Hopkins
Deputy Bailiff: Mr T Goddard
Local Police: 101
Stock: Mirror Carp to 26lb
Common Carp to 22lb
Tench to 7lb
Bream, Roach, Rudd, Crucian & Pike

A private estate lake nestling at the foot of a steep, woodland slope next to Tarn Pond. As fishing is limited to only one bank, Warren is an ideal spot for members who enjoy secluded, hassle free angling in beautiful surroundings.

The lake contains a very respectable head of Carp which, because of the shallow water, are easy to locate and not too difficult to catch. This is not, however, just a Carp water. The obliging population of Tench and Roach make pleasure fishing on the Warren a delight.

This is a peaceful and secluded venue. There are plenty of small Carp to 20lb plus, Tench averaging 3lb, some Crucian Carp to 2lb with supporting Roach, Rudd, Perch, Pike and a few Eels.

Tackle and Tactics

Most anglers concentrate on the far bank margin, placing baits as near to the marginal tree canopy as possible and find the Carp very obliging!

The shallow water and deep silt pose interesting problems for the Carp angler and the Chod rig is recommended for the best presentation for bottom baits and, as the Carp show themselves frequently, a Pedigree Chum Mixer presented on the surface can provide excellent sport..

Bream, Tench and Crucians respond well to the standard pole or tip techniques and can provide hectic sport.

Local Bye-Laws

  • The area of the pond that we may fish is restricted to half of one bank, as
    indicated on the map, with 8 designated swims available.
  • The land beyond the
    last swim is private and access is not permitted.
  • We ask members to pay special note to Bye-law 4.h regarding litter and
    discarded line.
  • Night Fishing
    Night ticket operator – Tel 07903 250905 which operates between 2.30pm – 6:30pm daily (no voicemail or text messages will be accepted).
    A ‘ Night Ticket’ System operates on this water from 1st March until 31st October each year. You cannot night fish on this water between these dates unless you have booked your ticket. See your handbook for full details of how to book your night ticket.
  • Any non night fishing member
    occupying one of these swims must vacate it to a member with a night fishing
    authorisation code, if so requested, one hour before sunset. Sunset will be
    defined as the daily published ‘Lighting-Up’ times.
  • Non night fishing members must restrict their fishing to the period of 5:00am
    until 10:30pm and vacate the swim.

Record Fish

Farnham Angling Society Record

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No Records Caught From This Venue Yet!


Adjacent to Tarn Pond, Puttenham, Surrey

Directions & Parking

From the Shepherd and Flock roundabout at the east end of Farnham (A31 bypass), follow the A31 east towards Guildford. After 0.75 miles take the Runfold turning off the dual carriageway and follow the road until the Elstead, Milford, The Sands sign.

Turn right and then take the first left sign posted Elstead (Crooksbury Road). Half a mile further on, take the left fork towards The Sands. Follow this road for three miles. The ponds are on the left hand side, at the junction with the road from Elstead to Puttenham.

The pond is situated above the Tarn Pond. take the left hand turn before you see Tarn Pond, which is also on the left hand side.

There is a small car park available. From the car park you need to walk across the dam between the ponds and access to the fishery is via the padlocked gate at the end of the dam.