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Photographic Competition and Copyright Information

Photographic Competition

The Executive Committee has decided that the Society will run a competition for the best photographs for the following categories:

  1. Best photograph of a specimen fish (Junior & Senior Competition
  2. Best photograph of a net of fish (Junior & Senior Competition)
  3. Best fishery/landscape photograph (All Members)
  4. Best wildlife photograph (All Members)

The competition will be based on a calendar year, not the season, so that entries may be judged before the Annual General Meeting in February at which the prizes will be awarded. Complimentary permits for the following season will be awarded to the winners of each category at the AGM, runners up shall receive FAS clothing.

This year’s competition will run from 1st January 2023 and all entries for this year, for all categories, will need to be submitted by 8th January 2024 and remember that you may enter as many times as you wish, so keep sending us your photographs !

Just fill out our entry form and submit your details together with a nice picture to secure your chance of winning.


For reasons of Copyright, we must bring the following to your attention.
All entrants/ photographers will retain copyright and moral rights to their submitted images however, by entering, all entrants grant Farnham Angling Society (FAS), permanent non-exclusive rights to use the images to promote FAS, to use in any FAS publications and FAS advertising campaigns or for any similar future FAS use.

If you or the photographer does not want to grant these rights, please do not submit your contribution to us and withdraw any submission already made by return of email.

If the photographs are considered acceptable for web use, they will be put in the current year entries for the Photographic Competition Gallery. After the winners are announced at next years Annual General Meeting, all photographs will be placed within the various galleries: Fishery, Junior, Wildlife, Landscape and Species and if appropriate the Specimen Trophies Gallery.

We will aim to post entries, if accepted, on the web site within 14-21 days and possibly sooner.