Best Wildlife 2023: Winner: Harvey Young at Nursery Lake

Photographic Competition winners

Best Specimen Fish 2023: Junior Winner: Chase Goddard with a 37lb Mirror at Mill Lane

Best Net of Fish 2023: Senior Winner: John Tyson at Frensham Great Pond

Best Specimen Fish 2023: Senior Winner: Richard Enyon with a 12lb Bream At Mill Lane

Best Wildlife 2023: Taz Derrick taken at Badshot Lea

Best Landscape 2023: Winner: Harvey Young taken at Nursery Lake

Best Net of Fish 2023: Junior Winner: Alex Baker with Tench from Stockbridge Pond

Best Specimen Fish 2022: Junior Winner: Max Willis
At Badshot Lea Big Pond

Best Net of Fish 2022: Senior Winner: Chris Fogg
Net of Chub from River Blackwater

Best Specimen Fish 2022: Senior Winner: Ian Gadsby At Copse Lake

Best Wildlife 2022: Winner: Carl Bradshaw
Gosling at Frensham Great Pond

Best Landscape 2022: Winner: Carl Bradshaw
Sunset at Frensham Great Pond

Best Specimen Fish 2021: Junior Winner: Cameron Hopkins
At Badshot Lea Big Pond

Best Net of Fish 2021: Senior Winner: Martin Porter
Mixed net of Chub, Roach & Dace from River Blackwater, Yateley East

Best Specimen Fish 2021: Senior Winner: Dean Gibson At Match Lake

Best Wildlife 2021: Winner: Michael Drinkwater
Barn Owl at Southlea Farm

Best Landscape 2021: Winner: Kieran Coplestone-Jobling
Sunset at Badshot Lea Small Pond

Best Specimen Fish 2020: Junior Winner: Ollie Daniels
Common Carp from Badshot Lea Big Pond

Best Net of Fish 2020: Senior Winner: Matt Tann
Chub from River Blackwater, Yateley East

Best Specimen Fish 2020: Senior Winner: Dane Burrows
The Long Common from South Lake

Winner: Daniel Marshall
Heron gliding at Badshot Lea Big Pond

Winner: Carl Bradshaw
Misty River Blackwater, Yateley East

Best Net of Fish 2020: Junior Winner: Cameron Hopkins
A good mixed bag from King’s Pond

The Society runs a competition for the best photographs for the following categories:

  1. Best photograph of a specimen fish (Junior & Senior Competition)
  2. Best photograph of a net of fish (Junior & Senior Competition)
  3. Best fishery/landscape photograph (All Members)
  4. Best wildlife photograph (All Members)

The competition will be based on a calendar year, not the season, so that entries may be judged before the Annual General Meeting in February at which the prizes will be awarded. Complimentary permits for the following season will be awarded to the winners of each category at the AGM.

The competition runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. All entries, for all categories, need to be submitted by 8th January in the year following (i.e. within 1 week of that years competition ending).

Each year we exceed the last years number of entries and the competition has been a huge success and we hope that this will be bettered this year, so please keep sending us your photographs !

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary

How to Enter

There are two ways you can enter:

  1. Digital images – can be sent to us via email, address shown below. We prefer JPEG files with a minimum resolution of 1024px on one side and 80% compression (Use a resolution of 300 dpi – 118 pixels/cm when scanning existing photographs). Please do not send GIF, TIFF, EPS or BMP files. If using a digital camera please ensure you use the highest resolution/quality settings available on your camera when taking the shot. You can send more than one photo and enter as many times as you want.
  2. Hard Copies (from film or printed digital) – Please send by post, address shown below. If sending your photograph as a hard copy print, please send us the original photo, at least 6 “x 4” (15cm by 10cm) in size. Photographs cannot be returned unless you send an SAE with them.

Please do not send us prints produced on a home ink-jet or laser printer and please do not send negatives. You can also burn your photos to a disk / CD / DVD and send it to us.

In order to protect your photographs, it is suggested that you put your photos between two sheets of rigid cardboard to avoid them getting bent in the post.

The Executive Committee or elected Officers will judge the entries for the photographic competitions, the winners being announced at the Annual General Meeting each February.

Please remember that we are not expecting professional quality photographs to be entered, but remember the basics of: Framing, Light, Focus and Fish Care – see attached guidance.
For the benefit of You, the Fish and your own personal photographs: whether submitted for competition or not.

You can submit entries using the Submit Photographs for the Competition form and must be submitted by 7th January each year.

Please remember to send no more than 3 images at a time so that the file size does not cause problems with receipt.


For reasons of Copyright, we must bring the following to your attention.
All entrants/ photographers will retain copyright and moral rights to their submitted images however, by entering, all entrants grant Farnham Angling Society (FAS), permanent non-exclusive rights to use the images to promote FAS, to use in any FAS publications and FAS advertising campaigns or for any similar future FAS use.

If you or the photographer does not want to grant these rights, please do not submit your contribution to us and withdraw any submission already made by return of email.