Honorary Secretary - Ian Gray

I was introduced to fishing by both my dad and my grandad at the age of 4 and was taught to fish for Tench and Crucian Carp at Old Bury Hill, Dorking and Tri Lakes and The Nursery Lake at Yateley. I loved those misty morning treks to lily fringed swims through dew soaked grass with that wonderful sense of anticipation and adventure, surrounded by nature at its unkempt best. Since those early days the continuing pleasure that I have gained from sharing atmospheric dawns, balmy nights and stunning sunsets with friends and my young daughter, when it was an overnight adventure to sleep under the stars at Frensham, has provided wonderful memories ever since with a few fish along the way and I have much to thank them for.

Since my first Saturday job, riddling gallons of ammonia reeking maggots from chicken and fish carcasses in a London tackle shop when I was 14, perhaps it was simply a taster for an altogether sweeter link to working within the fishing world that was to come 19-years later.

I had been a member of Farnham Angling Society since 1983 and whilst it was Tarn Pond that initially caught my attention and prompted me to join the Society, it is Frensham Great Pond that remains my personal favourite for the wonderful Tench fishing that it has continued to offer over my time within the Society, and thankfully that looks set to continue long into the future.

When Jack Frost retired as Honorary Secretary after 40-years of service to the Society, having succeeded the former Secretary Mr A O King who also gave 40-years service, an advert was placed in the FAS newsletter ‘Waterside’ in January 1996. A good friend then and now, currently a senior officer within the Environment Agency Fisheries Team with a passion for Barbel, suggested that I should apply and I have had the pleasure of serving Farnham Angling Society as Honorary Secretary ever since the summer of 1996.

Having worked with the Executive Committee in seeking to improve the Society since my appointment I intend to continue to do so in the future, however I do not imagine that I will be in post for another 26-years, but then I imagine that neither did Messrs King or Frost . . !

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you enjoyable fishing with Farnham Angling Society.

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary
Farnham Angling Society

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