Important Match Notes

Any Member can fish a match, but they must be pre-booked through the Match Secretary.

General Information

General matches are open to all members, including juniors.
All club matches on FAS waters will be free to fish with a £10 pools that is optional.

Farnham Angling Society match rules are to be applied to all club and open matches.

When there is a match on a water, the water is only closed for fishing. If in doubt, contact the match secretary for details.

Booking for a Match

To book into a match, you must speak to the match secretary to confirm your place. Answer phone messages or text messages will not count as a confirmed booking.

You can book in for a match between the hours of 6pm to 8pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday or after you have completed a match.
You are only allowed to book one match at a time. You can only book in for a match, no more that 14 days in advance of the match you require to fish.

Non attendance of a match, without sufficient notification to the match secretary will result in not being able to attend the next 2 matches.

Call the Match Secretary on: 07707 012159

Conditions of Match

Any matches printed in the fixture list, must be fished. This can only be cancelled in extreme conditions on the day (frozen over, severe flood, severe winds, etc).

All series matches in FAS fixtures will be a points system. Depending on the amount of angles will determine the amount of points to be fished for.

Example: 20 anglers will fish for 20 points. 1st place to receive 20 points, 2nd place 19 points, 3rd place 18 points, etc.

All pairs matches will be fished for points (ie 20, 19, 18 ect). In the event of a tie, the weight of each pair will be added together to determine placing.

No match or section winner is to be paid more than £50 for winning (eg can be split up into sections of 8-9-10 where possible or less).

Any deviation from any of these rules will have to be ratified by the executive committee and can only be changed at the end of the season, once printed in the fixture list of rule book.

Match Rules

All pegs used in a match must be of a reasonable state to give competitors a reasonable and practical chance to compete fairly in his or her swim, so that any method the angler chooses can be used.

Competitors may receive assistance to and from his or her swim, for themselves or their tackle.

On all FAS waters, you are only allowed to fish halfway across the fishery from your swim. On either side of your swim you may only fish halfway towards the next swim.

All activities are restricted to your own swim. No rods, poles, pole rollers, trolly’s, marker sticks (wrap sticks) or any other tackle is to block any path on all FAS fisheries.

In an extreme situation (snagged fish, etc), an angler must seek permission from his or her neighbor before moving from his or her swim, to try to remedy the situation. All fish must be landed in his or her swim, with his or her own landing net and equipment.

On all FAS fisheries, two or more keepnets are required. One (preferably two) of which must have a carp type bottom for retaining carp. There is a 50lb net limit on all nets and carp over 10lb must be weighed and returned immediately.

Fish are not to be transferred from one net to another after the final whistle.

All keepnets are to be pegged out so they do not hinder in anyway, any other competitor.

Keepnets will only be allowed to be put into the water no more than 15 minutes before the start of a match.
Any fish in any FAS water to count except pike, trout or crustaceans.

Before the starting whistle, no groundbait or loose feed to be introduced into his or her swim. In no circumstances must a feeder be used before the starting whistle. A ledger weight must be used to cast around to find depth, distance etc.

No groundbait or any other type of feed can be introduced with the aid of another rod or pole, such as a polecup, spods or bait dropper, whilst fishing another rod or pole. Groundbait and loose feed can only be introduced by hand, catapult, throwing sticks, etc whilst fishing with a rod or pole.

Byelaw 4.b.1:
‘Hooks used must be single only and ALL hooks must be barbless.

All methods must be free running.

No permanent fixed leads, feeders or method feeders, to be used.

Braided hook lengths are not allowed.

No hook lengths smaller than 4 inches (10 centimeters).

No floating poles allowed. No poles longer than 16 meters to be used.

Bloodworm and joker are banned on all FAS matches.

No floating hookbaits or loose feed to be allowed. No artificial baits or lures.

A competitor must strike, play and land his or her own fish and must not borrow any tackle to land their own fish.

All fish to be landed with a landing net and placed into a keepnet, not dropped into a keepnet.

A competitor must have ready for use his or her own unhooking mat of sufficient size and thickness, to prevent fish from being placed directly onto the ground.

No wet equipment to be bought onto any FAS fisheries. All keepnets, unhooking mats, landing nets, etc, must be sun dried before entering any FAS fisheries.

Handlining is not permitted. Pulla bungs or similar devices are permitted.

No tackle or bait can be brought to a competitor’s swim after the starting whistle or lent to another angler.

A competitor may wade, providing that the water does not extend above the knees, unless he or she can touch the bank with their fingertips.

All competitors must cease fishing at the final whistle. If a competitor is playing a fish on the final whistle, he or she will be allowed only 15 minutes to land that fish.

No angle will be allowed to weigh in if her or she has litter in their swim.

Any competitor proved to have been in contravention of these rules will be disqualified from the match.