Farnham Angling Society Membership Enrolment

Please select the type of membership required and add your photographs before proceeding.

Each membership application must be completed before starting another application.

(Please read the instructions carefully and check all requirements provided at the end of this page)


Our handbook runs from 1st April to 30th March every year, with all waters being closed on 31st March.

Our permit does not cover a calendar year and they are not valid for 12-months once purchased. 

Anyone wishing to fish for Pike must attend a free Pike teach-in
(Dates to be confirmed for 2024 & 2025).

How to buy your membership online:

Each membership application must be entered and purchased individually, just select the membership type and add your pictures (don't forget to add your partners picture if you wish them to be added to your permit)

You will need to provide scans and/or photographs for your application, your images may be in gif/png/jpg format and should be portraits (longest edge on the left/right) and not exceed 8Mb in size.

Basingstoke Canal Angling Association:

Basingstoke Canal Angling Association Permits have been suspended. Please call the Membership Secretary for more information.


You may not access or go fishing on Farnham Angling Society’s waters until you are in possession of your new handbook.


1. Late Fee: A late fee will be applied to those renewing between 1st May to 31st May.
2. Re-Joining Fee: If you renew after 1st June then the joining fee will have to be repaid.
Please note, whilst the Late Fee is £10.00, the Joining Fee is £55.00, so in order to avoid having to pay either, existing members should ensure they re-join by no later than 1st May.
3. You are not entitled to fish any Society water until you have paid the appropriate fee and are in possession of a current permit.
4. Junior members who reach the age of 16 do NOT have to pay a joining fee to become intermediates.
5. Juniors under 10 (Ten) years of age will not be required to pay an annual subscription providing that they only fish the Society's waters accompanied by a senior paid up member: if the member is fishing they must both fish in the same swim and they may only fish with one rod each.
6. New members may NOT fish for Pike until they have attended a Pike Teach-in. These start in September and dates are shown in the FAS handbook.
7. Membership refunds will only be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee in writing with due explanation of the circumstances. Where a refund is given, it will include deductions for any day's membership within the season which will be charged at the appropriate Guest Ticket rate, plus a £10 administration fee.
8. All waters are closed on the 31st March each year.

Data Protection & Privacy Policy GDPR

Farnham Angling Society adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with respect to all information held about Members and Officers. Please click here to find out more about our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.