Frequently Asked Questions When Joining Farnham Angling Society

A: Seniors & Intermediates Members may fish alone at night, with the exception of Winchfield Pond where only Senior Members may fish at night.

Night Ticket systems operate for Tarn Pond, Warren Pond, and Frensham Little Pond and you must book in advance.

The quickest way of joining and receiving your permit is by visiting our Membership Centre at Gold Valley, see bottom of this page for address and opening times.

A: All fisheries can be fished at night with the exception of Somerset Bridge, River Wey. Some night fishing rules apply at particular fisheries, see the pages within the handbook. There is no maximum length of stay on the fisheries, with the exception of those operating a night ticket system.

There is no booking system, with the exception of Frensham Little Pond, Mill Lane, Tarn Pond and Warren Pond, see below.

There are also restrictions for Intermediates and Juniors. Intermediates members may not fish at night at Winchfield Pond. Juniors members may fish at night with a Senior members and must occupy an adjacent swim.

From 1st March on Warren Pond and from 1st Apil on Mill Lane and from 16th June on Frensham Little Pond and Tarn Pond, a night ticket system operates until 31st October: 1 night at a time can be booked (up to 3 nights on Mill Lane & Tarn Pond), but you can try and get a 2nd night after they are available to other FAS members first.

A: There is no additional charge to fish at night on any of our fisheries.

A: Non-FAS Members are not stopped from being with you on ‘open waters’ such as Stockbridge Pond, but not gated and secure ones such as Wyke Pond, the Badshot Lea Complex, Mill Lane, Stillwater or fisheries where the land is private, such as River Loddon or Warren Pond and River Wey sections at Woodside Farm and Dockenfield.

You can add a partner/wife to your permit, and they could then simply access any site with you to enjoy the time whilst you fish. A non-FAS member friend can accompany you to any of the non-secure fisheries: Frensham’s, Lodge Pond, Stockbridge, Winchfield and Tarn Pond, River Wey at Somerset Bridge which provide lovely surroundings on publicly accessible land.

A: The Joining fee for Intermediates, Students, Disabled and Seniors is the same and is shown on the application form which is available on the website here.

A: A current letter advising of disability registration is required to be submitted online / shown. Students (Under 21) have to show a Student ID.

A: Husband & Wife Membership allows a couple to use 1 x rod each. The cost of such membership is the same as that of a Senior Membership. Two photographs of each person are required when applying for membership.

A: There is not a lower age limit, but Juniors fishing on FAS waters will be required to hold a valid Junior Members permit until the age of 16. At which point they become an Intermediate, until the age of 18, when they will become a Senior Member.

Children may fish on a Senior (Parents) Permit, but both are only allowed to fish one rod each and must fish the same swim. They may only fish Society waters when accompanied by a Senior paid up Member. This is permitted until the Junior reaches the age of 10, when they must then purchase a Junior Membership and pay the appropriate New Member Joining Fee as shown on the application form.

A: No, see byelaw 4.z., the only boats allowed are remote controlled bait boats, see Q 12 below. Please note that bait boats are not allowed on Frensham Little Pond.

A: Yes. Their use does not require a fee, but there is a half way to the nearest angler rule that must be adhered to. Please note that bait boats are not allowed on Frensham Little Pond.

A: There are no costs for not attending work parties that are organised, but we very much appreciate your assistance if you can assist us.

A: The Society do not issue Day Tickets on any of our waters, although full Members are allowed to take 1 Guest on most venues for £10/rod Senior & £5.00 Junior for 24 Hrs, though this is not allowed on the River Thames, Southlea Farm, and night fishing is restricted to Members on certain venues.

A: Yes, I would suggest that you will need a barrow or trolley if you have a lot of fishing tackle with you and are fishing our larger fisheries, like Badshot Lea Big Pond or the Frenshams. Trolleys and barrows cannot be left on the fisheries.

A: See the Membership page for all Classes of membership and Joining Fees.

Farnham Angling Society provides a system whereby a wife / husband may join on their husband / wife’s permit, but the actual membership will remain with the principal member, i.e. the husband or the wife. A Member has the right to attend an AGM and to vote, and of course to go fishing on their own, whereas the wife / husband can only go with their partner and has to fish in the same or adjacent swim and each may only use one rod. Question 9 in this FAQ will also assist you.

If you each wanted to join and fish 2 rods and have the freedom to fish away from each other or whenever it suited you, you would have to join as individual members.

A: There are night fishing restrictions on Tarn Pond, Warren Pond & Frensham Little Pond: numbers of anglers allowed for each venue are restricted to 10, 4, & 10 respectively. Members call a phone number to a Night System Operator and obtain a code that allows them to fish, providing that there are spaces available. They are not swim specific, but there are Night Priority swims that allow those fishing the night to request a member to leave to allow them to set up before nightfall.

A: Fly fishing is allowed on the River Wey at Somerset Bridge & Dockenfield sections between 1st April – 30th September – No extra charge, but these waters are not stocked with trout, but there a few in the river, all fish caught, including Trout & Grayling have to be returned.

Byelaw 4.f. Members may take dogs unless precluded by the terms of a lease or other local Bye-laws as in para 2.c. All dogs will at all times be kept on a lead and are not allowed to interfere with other Members sport, or the general public. Members who walk their dogs round venues must be in possession of a pet waste bag in case their dog fouls and a failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave by a bailiff. Dogs even on leads, are not allowed at Somerset Bridge or Winchfield Court Farm Pond.

A: Members may go to the Membership Office at Gold Valley (see opening times and address details below) or to the shop at Gold Valley, where a replacement key may be purchased at a cost of £20.00. You must have your current Farnham AS handbook when doing so. If a key is not working or is broken, you need to exchange it for a new key or you will be charged for a replacement. Please call the Membership Secretary on 07546 724317 between 10:000am – 4:00pm (Monday to Saturday: no text or voice messages may be left), to arrange for payment & postage of a new key.

A: Once you have received your handbook & key, you may access the locked fisheries (see the inside rear cover of your handbook which lists our locked fisheries), to have a walk around, but you must carry your Farnham AS handbook and key with you at all times and have no fishing tackle or bait with you whilst doing so.

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