300 Barbel Introduced into the River Blackwater (Yateley)

The Environment Agency has introduced 300 barbel into the River Blackwater at Yateley. The barbel which are 18 months old have come from the EA’s Calverton Fish Farm near to Nottingham. The fish travelled well after the long journey in oxygenated tanks and swam off strongly into the River Blackwater which was carrying some colour but fining down after the rain last week.

Each of the barbel were blue dye marked underneath next to the right pectoral fin. Over the past few years several batches of marked barbel have been released into the Loddon Catchment at different locations with different dye marks.

Working alongside the Loddon Fisheries and Conservation Consultative we are very keen that anglers report any captures with photos, weight and length if possible along with the location of capture of these or any marked barbel.

With the information reported by anglers we hope to build a better idea about the barbel population in the Loddon Catchment, how far they migrate, and growth rates.

Please report any marked barbel information to:

Report a Barbel (lfcc.org.uk)

Or for further information please contact:


Adrian Bicknell

Fisheries Officer
Wey and Loddon Catchments