Do you disagree with FAS byelaws and Fishery Rules? Great, then this is for you to read and consider, it is not for debate.

Specifically Byelaw reminder: 2.f. regarding alcohol and illegal drugs on Page 10

This is aimed at the tiny minority of our members who let themselves down and who can cause issues for our other members.

I would recommend that you do not ignore the Society’s byelaws, as you are risking your future membership.

Our teams of Bailiffs are doing an incredible job for the Society as always, especially in the ongoing pandemic climate, but are having to deal with an increasing number of breaches: especially in relation to the use of alcohol and cannabis and with some members failing to clear up their litter and take it home with them.

As a result of some members disregard for the byelaws, some members have already lost their fishing for between 3 months and the rest of the 2021 – 2022 season. Not great for them when we are less than 6-weeks into the new season.

Please don’t ignore our rules. If you so choose to, you risk your handbook, it is as simple as that.

Our bailiffs have a difficult enough job, without having to deal with members disregarding such clear and basic byelaws.

The Executive Committee have enough Society business to deal with without having to deal with such matters.

From a personal perspective, having to inform a member that they will be losing their permit is the worst part of my Secretarial duties for Farnham AS. It was when I started in July 1996 and it is no easier today than it was then.

So, a 3-point request from the Bailiff teams, the Executive Committee and myself:

  1. Please read the byelaws section of your handbook thoroughly.
  2. Read the whole page on the water you are fishing, to ensure you know the rules.
  3. Ignorance is no excuse and neither is not agreeing with them.

Please read the byelaws & rules. Stick to them. Keep your handbook. Simples.

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary, on behalf of the Bailiffs teams & the Executive Committee