Farnham Angling Society Merge with Cove Angling Society

Farnham Angling Society (FAS) is delighted to announce that we shall  have ownership and stewardship of Chaley Park Fishery, Normandy (near Guildford), as a result Cove Angling Society (CAS) merging with FAS on 19th January 2024.

CAS believe that the merger is far and away the best course to ensure the future of the fishery.

FAS paid no money for the fishery, which is now the property of FAS, but have agreed that the full CAS membership (57 members), will have free membership for the next 5-Yrs and that their 7 Executive Committee members will be given free Life Membership, in recognition of their dedication to CAS and work at the fishery over the last 25-Yrs.

FAS considers itself extremely fortunate to have received the approach from CAS, which initially came via Bob Hall our Match Secretary who regularly fishes the venue. However, once the approach was made, no time was wasted in us discussing the possibility of a merger, establishing the desires of both parties, arranging a site meeting, undertaking due diligence and using both Fish Legal and local solicitors to prepare the Merger Agreement which has now been signed and completed. Our thanks to Dave Wilkins, Rod Carroll, Paul White & Doug Arnold at CAS for their communications and involvement in bringing this about.

Purely as a result of the appreciation of FAS’s management of our Society and stewardship of our fisheries, CAS’s executive committee’s approach has led to FAS having obtained an excellently set up fishery, costing nothing but a small legal fee for arranging the merger documentation and a period of free membership for CAS members as detailed above. It is good to know that our reputation as a well-run fishing club afforded us this golden opportunity, and better still to have secured a new fishery and extended our portfolio of FASs available to our members.

We are delighted to advise that Chaley Park Lakes comprise a gated secure fishery with two well stocked ponds of approximately 1.7 & 0.5 acres, which are oval in shape with large central islands offering ‘canal’ style fishing.

The larger lake has 36 pegs and offers a consistent average width of approximately 18-20m to the island, and has an average consistent depth of 5’ (1.5m). The smaller lake has 24 pegs and offers an average width of 12-14m, with an average and consistent depth of 4’ (1.3m).

Both of the ponds are well stocked and contain a mixed stock of Common and Mirror Carp to15lb, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and a few Crucian Carp. Summer matches are regularly won with 50lb +.

The venue will host open matches every Thursday throughout the year from 7:30am – 5:30pm, with the larger lake also closed on some Sundays to visiting fishing clubs. During these matches, one of the ponds will always be available for members to fish. Existing CAS bailiffs will work with our own, to bailiff the fishery and an existing maintenance contract will be maintained for the next 3-seasons.

We hope you enjoy the new fishery, which will be available to our members to fish from 1st April 2024, with full details being included within our 2024 – 2025 handbook.

Ian Gray, Honorary Secretary, on behalf of the Executive Committee