Waterside - The Farnham Angling Society Newsletter

Farnham Angling Society takes pride in its newsletter.  ‘Waterside’ acts as a focal point of communication between the Executive Committee and its members.  The Society’s constitution requires that all members must be informed of certain events, rules and ballots etc.  With not everyone having access to the internet the newsletter offers the opportunity for the Society to contact all members either via post or email. 

Below are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

A:Waterside is a quarterly newsletter consisting of three major newsletters.  The Spring edition is published in May, the Autumn Edition is published in September and the pre-AGM newsletter is published in late December / early January.   There is a fourth edition in the form of the Post-AGM informative detailing information from the Annual General Meeting.

A:There are two options available to members, post or email.  The posted version you will receive in black and white print, the email version is an interactive PDF in full colour.  As a Society we are always looking at ways to reduce costs to further invest in our fisheries and undertake vital work around the lakes and rivers.  It is more cost effective for us to deliver the newsletter via email to reduce our printing and postage costs so if you are able to receive the newsletter via email this is our preferred method.

One of the most popular sections of Waterside

A: You can check to see how you will be sent your copy of the newsletter, or, if you want to stop all emails you can use this link to check your account: My account

A: There could be a number of reasons you haven’t received your copy.  The most common reason is that your contact details are not up to date or may have changed.  It is important that if you change address or have a new email address that you contact us to let us know.  Please email memberadmin@farnhamanglingsociety.com with your new details including your permit number or visit the FAS Membership Centre at Gold Valley, Gold Lane, Government Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 2PT or call our Membership Secretary on 07546 724317, between the hours of 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Saturday.  Another possible reason you may not receive your newsletter if you are signed up to receive it by email is that it has gone into your spam box.  Please check your spam folder, right click on the message and scroll to Add Sender to Safe Senders List.

A: Due to restrictions on numbers the email version of the newsletter is sent in batches over the course of a few days.  Therefore some members will receive their newsletter before others.

A: Simply send us your photograph with details of your name, weight of fish and the fishery you caught it from.  Please email to newsletter@farnhamanglingsociety.com and copy to honsecretary@farnhamanglingsociety.com  In submitting your photograph you are giving FAS permission to use that photograph for other promotional purposes.
An excerpt from a recent Waterside Newsletter

A: We would love you to put pen to paper and write an article for the newsletter, we welcome all contributions from our members.   If you have never written an article or are worried that it may not be very good please don’t worry.  We will work with you and edit the article ready for publication.  When writing an article it can be about anything FAS related, that might be a memorable session, a comical adventure, a brush with nature, an historical perspective; the content of your article is entirely up to you, as long as it is related to Farnham Angling Society we can consider it.
You should aim to write about 1,000 words but this is not a definitive word count, it may be less or it may be more, we can split it into two parts if it is much longer or include it as a shorter article.  When it comes to writing the article it is always good to start with a little background to the story, when you joined, what your fishing involves etc. to give some context.  Once you have established a starting point you can then just write your own story.  Humour always works work well, we all have funny moments when we’re fishing.   A selection of photographs is really important for articles.  It is also important to have a range of photographs, not just pictures of you with fish.  We like to see shots of the lake, the swim, your set-up, rigs, wildlife etc., this makes for more engaging content.  Essentially don’t worry too much about your own skills as a writer, just tell your story with pictures and we’ll do the rest.   Email your stories to  nik@farnhamanglingsociety.com

A: No, the newsletter prides itself on being a publication for our members that simply focuses on angling.  Any product mentions will be removed from any articles.

A: The majority of pictures received are included in the newsletter wherever possible.  Sometimes however they may not make it in due to lack of space or possibly the quality of the photograph may not be good enough. If your photograph isn’t included it may appear in the next edition as some are carried over.  On rare occasions it may have just slipped through the landing net!  Feel free to email newsletter@farnhamanglingsociety.com  if you think this is the case and we will do our best to accommodate it in the next edition.

A: When we see a good picture of a fish or just a good shot from an FAS water we proactively seek permission to use these photographs in the newsletter and/or other publications.  If you do not want it to appear on any FAS publications you simply have to tell us and we will never use it in this situation.  We never use images without permission from you.

Waterside is only available to current FAS members.