Night fishing for Junior Members.

Night fishing presents special problems for Junior and Senior Members and our Bye-Laws are carefully written to protect you on the fisheries. Please read this section carefully before venturing put on the bank at night.

The Rules!

Bye-law 4.r – Restrictions that apply to Junior Members (aged 10 to 15) with regard to night fishing.

All parents or guardians that enter FAS fisheries to accompany Junior members to enable them to night fish must abide by all FAS rules and bye-laws.

Bye-law 4.r:

“Junior members are not allowed to fish at night, between 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise,
Guardian. Senior Member must occupy the same or adjacent swim, a Guardian or Parent must occupy the same swim. The Senior Member/Parent or Guardian must accompany and be responsible for the Junior Member at all times. The emergency phone number/s in the Handbook will be rung and the person will be told (required to come and collect the Junior Member if they are not complying with this Bye-law.”

Senior Members ​

If you are approached by Junior Members requesting that you ‘baby sit’ them, do not do so. This is not recommended and from the Society’s perspective, you would be personally liable for any problems that involved the Junior Members in question, and this could result in your own Membership of FAS being at risk.

Furthermore, at worst, you could be the subject of an investigation by the Police or the child’s Parents in the case of an accident or claim against you by a Junior Member.

This advisory is given by the Executive Committee to protect both
Junior and Senior Members alike.

Junior Members

If you wish to night fish, but do not know any Senior Members within Farnham Angling Society, you may do so only if a Parent or a Guardian accompanies you at all times.

Juniors, Parents and Guardians must not approach Senior Members and ask that they act as a Guardian to you to enable you to night fish. If found to be doing so, the Junior Member will be disciplined. If you are found fishing unaccompanied outside of the permitted hours, the Emergency Contact numbers will be rang and you will be asked to leave the fishery. If it proves impossible to arrange for someone to come and pick you up and take you home, you will simply have to remove your tackle from your swim and will not be allowed to fish until the permitted times.

The Bye-law exists for the safety of all Junior Members and must not be broken. Juniors Members found breaking the rules will be disciplined by Bailiffs and possibly have to attend a Disciplinary with the Executive Committee and your continued Membership could be at risk.

The emergency phone number/s in the handbook will be rung and the person will be told to come and collect the Junior Member.