Pike Teach-Ins

Farnham Angling Society was the first club in the country to introduce Pike teach-ins back in 1990. 2010 marked the 20th anniversary, and through this period it has educated literally thousands of anglers. They have attracted the attention of Pike anglers from all over the country and even as far as Belgium.

What is the purpose of these Teach-Ins ?

The club noticed a decline in their premier Pike waters, fish were being found dead, showing signs of mishandling, there was also end tackle being found inside some Pike’s mouth, throat or stomach, causing these fish to die of starvation, so a decision was made to introduce compulsory education to protect our precious and vital Pike stocks.

Since the early days the Pike teach-ins have grown from strength to strength to a point where they are the envy of many a club throughout the country.

How involved are the Pike teach-ins ?

They cover practically everything!
  1. The teach-ins kick off with a tackle check where attendants must show they have the minimum requirement of tackle with them. There is even opportunity to purchase tackle you may require, which is sold at discount prices.
  2. Next you are shown how to make your own traces and a number of rigs are covered.
  3. Unhooking equipment and how to use it correctly is also shown.
  4. Correct bank side set-ups are covered along with the importance of load testing your rigs.
  5. Last but not least, comes the fish handling:
    • First you are shown the correct procedure of how to deal with a Pike once it is hooked
    • Then the release of the Pike.
    • How to deal with a deep hooked fish is also shown in great detail.
    • Once all this has been shown, it is then your turn, where you must show you are confident and competent to handle a live Pike on your own.

What do I expect from the Teach-Ins ?

The teach-ins are free of charge and are run with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Every Pike angler will take a lot from them. We receive a huge amount of excellent feed back each year, from members of all experiences who have attended them.

Who, When, Where ?

Anyone wishing to fish for Pike on FAS waters must attend a Pike teach-in. This includes all guests and exchanged members. Anyone who is not a member may also attend a teach-in, all are welcome. Dates and times will be shown in your member’s handbook, newsletters, tackle shops and the FAS website calendar each year (click here).

Pike ‘Teach-In’ Dates & Information

Please remember that to qualify for a ‘Pike Fishing permit stamp’ in the Handbook, attendants must arrive before the stated time of each teach-in session (times indicated below) and bring the required equipment as per bye-law 4.s.ii a-g (to allow for a tackle check otherwise you will not be able to complete the teach-in).

  1. Monofilament main line must have a minimum breaking strain of 15lbs. Braided main line must have minimum breaking strain of 50lbs.
  2. Traces must be a minimum length of 24 inches (60cm) and not less that 25lb breaking strain. No more than two treble hooks may be used on any one trace, these must be semi-barbless or barbless.
  3. Large knotless landing net with 36″ long arms
  4. Large unhooking mat
  5. 12 inch (30cm) long artery forceps.
  6. Side cutters, able to cut problem hooks when caught in the soft throat tissues or gill rakers.
  7. An adequate Carp/Pike weigh sling.
  8. A sensitive and effective bite detector system which shows ‘drop back’ as well as runs.

You must be prepared to handle pike during the teach-in session.

The sessions will be held at Badshot Lea Big Pond car park (click here for dates)

You don’t need to book for a teach-in

For further information contact, Mike Slater 07967 736 815.

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