Farnham Angling Society Records

Species lbs:ozs:drms kilo.grms Date Captor Location Photo
tn_barbel_barbus_barbus Barbel 18:00:00 8.16 March 2012 Peter Jewell Carters Hill, River Loddon spr_barbel_of_18lb_0oz_caught_on_13th_march_2012_by_peter_jewell_from_carters_hill_river_loddon
tn_bream_abramis_brama Bream 16:12:0 7.648 May 2004 Andy Thomas Mill Lane spr_milllane_16lb12oz_bream_andythomas_fasrecord
tn_carp_common_cyprinus_carpio Common Carp 50:05:00 22.906 2021 Dean Gibson Yateley Match Lake Darrens Common at 50lb 5oz for Dean Gibson at Match Lake on 23rd March 2021
tn_carp_crucian_carassius_carassius Crucian Carp 3:04:00 1.474 June 2015 John Bewley Tarn Pond spr_crucian_carp_3lb_4oz_caught_by_john_bewley_at_tarn_pond_on_23rd_june_2015_
tn_carp_mirror_cyprinus_carpio Mirror Carp 48:00:00 21.772 May 2014 Ian Dunklin Yateley Match Lake spr_tn_mirror_carp_known_as_kiss_scale_at__48lb_0oz_a_new_match_lake_record_for_ian_dunklin_from_match_lake_on_24th_may_2014
ghostcarp Ghost Carp 37:12:00 17.123 2010 Tom Silver Yateley Match Lake spr_tn_ghost_common_carp_37lb_12oz_tom_silver_at_match_lake_on_1st_september_2015
grasscarp Grass Carp 44:08:00 20.185 July 2015 Danny Champion Mill Lane spr_grass_carp_44lb_8oz_pb_for_daniel_champion_from_mill_lane_on_22nd_july_2015
tn_wels_catfish_silurus_glanis Catfish 91:00:00 41.277 3rd July 2022 Joe Meyerhoff Yateley Match Lake Catfish 91lb for Joe Mierhoffer caught at Match Lake on 3 July 2022
tn_chub_leuciscus_cephalus Chub 6:03:00 2.858 December 2021 Leighton Phillips Woodside Farm LeightoPhillips
tn_dace_leuciscus_leuciscus Dace 00:10:00 0.283 October 2020 Rob Hill Yateley River Blackwater spr_dace_10oz_for_rob_hill_from_river_blackwater_in_october_2020
tn_eel_anguilla_anguilla Eel 8:08:00 3.855 April 2016 Tony Baker Stillwater Front Lake spr_eel_8lb_8oz_caught_by_tony_baker_on_29th_july_2016_from_stillwater_front_lake_lightened_by_lee_fraser
tn_grayling_thymallus_thymallus Grayling Applications Over 1lbs (0.45kg) Invited.
tn_perch_perca_fluviatilis Perch 3:05:00 1.502 Nov 2010 Duncan Charman Frensham Great Pond spr_frensham_great_pond_perch_3lb_5oz_new_fas_record_duncan_charman_22_november_2010
tn_pike_esox_lucius Pike 32:02:00 14.560 February 2016 Mark Doran Mill Lane spr_pike_32lb_2oz_pb__new_fas_record_for_mark_doran_from_mill_lane_on_1st_february_2016
tn_roach_rutilus_rutilus Roach 3:02:00 1.360 2003 Matthew King Lodge Pond spr_lodge-pond_3lb2oz_roach_matthewking_fasrecord_21april2002
tn_rudd_scardinius_erythrophthalmus Rudd 3:06:00 1.361 June 2008 Mark Brison Frensham Great Pond spr_frensham-great-pond_3lb6oz_rudd_markbrison_28thjune2008_fasrecord
tn_tench_tinca_tinca Tench 11:10:00 5.27 July 2017 Mark Doran Frensham Great Pond spr_tench_11lb_10oz_for_mark_doran_at_frensham_great_pond_on_27th_july_2017_
tn_brown_trout_salmo_trutta Trout - Brown 5:14:00 2.676 June 2014 Stephen Riggs River Wey - Somerset Bridge spr_brown_trout_5lb_11oz_from_somerset_bridge_caught_by_stephen_riggs_on_17th_june_2014
tn_rainbow_trout_salmo_gairdneri Trout - Rainbow 6:10:00 3.039 July 2014 Duncan Charman River Loddon Stanford End spr_tn_rainbow_trout_6lb_10oz_caught_by_duncan_charman_from_stanford_end_in_early_july_2014

Mini Species Records

Species lbs:ozs:drms kilo.grms Date Captor Location Photo
tn_bullhead_cottus_gobio Bullhead 00:00:12 0.021 February 2010 Steve Ansell Frensham Great Pond spr_frensham_great_pond_fas_record_bullhead_12_drams_steve_ansell_february_20101
tn_bleak_alburnus_alburnus Bleak Applications Over 2oz (0.056kg) Invited.
tn_gudgeon_gobio_gobio Gudgeon 00:02:08 0.071 September 2004 Steve Larkcum River Wey Dockenfield spr_dockenfieldriverwey_2oz8dr_gudgeon_stevelarkcum_fasrecord_5thseptember2004
tn_minnow_phoxinus_phoxinus Minnow Any applications considered (fish to be placed on a wet ruler and photographed)
tn_ruffe-acerina_cernuan Ruffe 00:02:00 0.057 April 16 Greg Rice Kings Pond spr_ruffe_20z_fas_record_caught_by_greg_rice_on_10th_april_2016
tn_stone_loach_barbatula_barbatulus Stone Loach Any applications considered (fish to be placed on a wet ruler and photographed)

Farnham Angling Society Record Fish

The Society maintains an accurate record list for each species, each with a quality photograph to accompany it, and we will be delighted to receive record claims from you.

The former Crucian Carp record had been re-opened by the Executive Committee and a 2lb 7oz fish was submitted from Stockbridge Pond in 2013.

The longest standing on the list is the Pike record (Mill Lane – 1988), although that was shaken by a Frensham fish of 30lb 5oz in January 2009, with Pike of 27lb landed from Mill Lane in 2013.

The next oldest is the Roach record (Lodge Pond – 2002), but with 2lb + fish having been caught from both Lodge Pond and Stockbridge Pond since 2010 and fish in excess of 3lb rumoured to have been caught by carp anglers at Frensham Little Pond, how much longer will that last ?

The Common Carp record (Badshot Lea Big Pond – 2011), ‘Scar’ produced another FAS record at 40lb 14oz for Trevor Hopkin in July in 2011, but sadly died at the start of 2012. However, with Common Carp at both Mill Lane & Match Lake known to be around the same weight, we expect one to be submitted soon enough.

The Barbel record (Carters Hill – 2012), has been exceeded but not claimed, as it is known that a 19lb 4oz fish was caught in December 2008.

The Bullhead record (Frensham Great Pond – 2010) was established by a very large fish for the species.

The Chub record (Stanford End – 2010), nudged up and could easily go again in the future as specimens of 7lb having been caught at the same venue since 2013 with 6lb + fish coming from Sindlesham Mill

The Perch record (Frensham Great Pond – 2010), was waiting to be broken and now the bar has been raised. Carters Hill is often referred to with 2lb fish being quite common.

The Rudd record (Frensham Great Pond – 2008), is quite likely to go again whilst the Frensham Great & Small Ponds fish continue to grow, so we expect to see another claim before that fantastic generation pass away to be replaced by the next.

Our Tench record (Badshot Lea Big Pond – 2010), and fish in excess of 11lb from Badshot Lea Big Pond, with Nursery Lake having produced specimens to 12lb the year before FAS purchased the Yateley waters in 2012.

The Eel record (Tarn Pond – 2009), will taking some beating, with a great new record having been set in 2009, it will be a tough one to crack but 6lb fish have been caught at Stillwater & Frensham Great Pond in the past, and fish to 5lb + were landed at Badshot Lea Big Pond in 2012.

With Mill Lane being home to the Mirror Carp record and the Grass Carp record, both of which were raised in 2013, although a 53lb 8oz Mirror Carp (Taffs) was landed but the record was not claimed.

The Bream record was also set at Mill Lane and we are aware that larger specimens have been landed since the official record was set.

The Ghost Common Carp record (Winchfield Pond – 2010), was set in 2010.

The Catfish record, increased year on year until 2009. With Match Lake at Yateley already having produced specimens to 54lb +, Badshot Lea Big Pond now has a rival for this record, but you will need strong balanced tackle to have a chance of landing them.

The Rainbow Trout record (Broomfield Cottage – 2010) and Brown Trout record (Stanford End) are established now, but there is a a remote chance of catching a rare Sea Trout from the River Loddon. One was caught from Sindlesham Mill Backstream, and the photograph enabled correct identification to be verified by the EA, but could unfortunately not be claimed as a FAS record as it was not weighed ! See Sindlesham Mill gallery.

The River Wey at Dockenfield contains a mixed bag for those wishing to try their luck and with a large head of larger than average Gudgeon, this Gudgeon record could be surpassed.

Claiming a Record

The records for Bleak, Dace & Grayling remain open and claims open at 2oz, 6oz & 1lb respectively.

There are also unclaimed mini-species with both Minnow and Stone Loach unclaimed, with both being resident within the River Wey sections around Elstead and Dockenfield, for those wishing to try something a little bit different in pursuit of these largely overlooked species. That simply leaves the Ruffe record open to claims, which can be found at the Badshot Lea Complex, mainly found in Badshot Lea Small Pond & Kings Pond. We currently have no claims at all for this species.

The Rainbow Trout record (Broomfield Cottage – 2010) and Brown Trout (Stanford End – 2012), are caught from the River Wey, usually below the 2lb mark. In addition, the remote chance, but nevertheless a chance, of a Sea Trout from the River Loddon remains possible. See Sindlesham Mill gallery.

You are requested to send us the details of the catch by completing the on-line form, or you can email or post a completed copy of this form to us at the following addresses:

Email:  record@farnhamanglingsociety.com
(With photographs attached to the email: singly or two at a time)
Or by
Post: Ian Gray, Honorary Secretary, Farnham Angling Society,
c/o  28 Grantley Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8BW
(Not forgetting to enclose the photographs that you wish to submit)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary

Claiming a Mini Species Record

FAS will consider applications for large specimens of mini-species that have been caught. As well as seeking to weigh the fish as accurately as possible, submissions must also  be measured, which will enable consideration to be given to the possible inaccuracy of scales for such small weights and further inaccuracies that may arise through incorrect zeroing of weighing equipment etc.

 We therefore suggest that the fish should be laid on a wet ruler, with their nose at the 0 cm measurement and a clear photograph taken which shows the whole fish and the end of the tail clearly on the ruler.

Download or Print the FAS Record List

You can download a copy of the Record List to make it easier for you to keep a track of how your catches match up against the Societies records, just click here to download a PDF file of the list.

Claiming a Record Fish