Leather/Mirror Carp

Scientific Name: Cyprinus carpio
Record Weight UK: 65lb 14oz 0dr (29kg 484gr)
[‘Two Tone’ again at 67lb 14oz, Conningbrook]
Average Weight: 6 - 15 lb (2.7 kg / 6.8kg)
Average Length: 18 - 26 inches (45 cm – 65cm)
Maximum Weight (Europe): 94lb (42kg 637gr)
Maximum Length: 48 inches: (120cm)
Life Span: Between 9 – 45+ years.

The species is the same as Common carp, but the scale patterns are completely different. The colouration is broader, with dark grey/brown backs giving way to flanks that range from brassy olive, deep bronze, pale yellow to pale grey on both Mirror Carp and Leather Carp, giving way to a white or cream/yellow belly.

There are several variants of Cyprinus carpio: Common Carp, and variations of Mirror Carp, based on scale patterns are the most common, with Leather Carp and Ghost Carp being less common in fisheries. All Mirror Carp and Leather Carp will generate varying percentages of Common Carp when bred due to the presence of the Common Carp’s recessive genes.

Mirror Carp may be fully or partially covered with scales that vary greatly in size and distribution and include Linear’s, which have lines of scales along the dorsal or lateral line. Leather Carp are devoid of any body scales, except for the dorsal line and the wrist of the tail and often have imperfect dorsal fins and anal fins that have fewer rays.

There are several different strains of Mirror Carp:
Galacian Mirror Carp or Galacian King Carp (40lb+) originated in Poland (those referred to as  ‘Leney’s’ being spawned in Holland in 1932 and stocked into Redmire in 1934 where no Common carp were present, meaning that Dick Walkers former record ’Clarissa’ was bred in the pool), are quite slow growing, deep shouldered but long and deep chestnut brown in colour with large heavy scales.

Dinkelsbuehl Carp (30lb +) originated in Germany and are very fat in shape.

Ropsha Carp (30lb+) originated in Russia or Hungary and are long, lean fish.
Italian Carp (40lb+) have a large round body.

Aischgrund Carp developed over 300-years in Bavaria, Germany (45lb+) have high, large bodies with arched backs and fast growing.

Frame Carp (40lb+) developed at the Antoninsk Reserve in the Ukraine are round fish having scale patterns along its back or flanks.

Royale Carp (to 40lb) so named as originally bred at the Royal Chateau in Fontainebleau, France (at the instruction of King Louise XIV), are quick growing with lumpy shoulders and quite a straight back with very large scales along the lateral line and two tone in colour.

Ghost Carp (simply an alternative name for Ghost Koi), are a hybrid, and are usually the result of breeding Mirror or Common Carp with Purachina Koi.

For details of Habitat, Tackle & Tactics and Where to Catch Mirror and Leather Carp just check out the Common Carp page.

Record Fish

National Record

lbs:ozs:drms kilo.grms Date Captor Location
65:14:00 29.484 2005 Simon Bater Conningbrook Lake, Ashford, Kent
Farnham Angling Society Record
lbs:ozs:drms kilo.grms Date Captor Location
42:12:00 19.051 August 2007 Robert Snape Mill Lane