Introduction to Game Species

The following pages provide a guide as to the species of gam fish that can be found in Farnham Angling Society’s fisheries and will give some guidance to inexperienced anglers about the species in terms of recognition; habitat and reproduction; basics on how to fish for them and on which of our fisheries you can find them.


Further Information

FAS would be grateful to receive additional information if Members wish to share knowledge with regard to the species listed, either through Articles, Catch Reports, Specimen Trophies or New Record Fish’ as this will assist members knowledge and therefore increase other FAS Members’ chances of success.

To submit your details please follow the links to the relevant links:

  1. Submit Photographs for the Photographic Competition (by 7th January each year)
  2. Submit a claim for a New FAS Record Fish
  3. Submit a claim for the Specimen Trophies (by 14th January each year.)
  4. Submit Catch Reports (preferably with photographs) for our web site (Photographs contained within these shall be considered for the Photographic Competitions).
  5. Submit an Article (preferably with photographs) for our web site.
  6. Submit a Catch Report & Photo for submission to the Angling Times & Carp Talk
  7. Submit a Reward Claim for a published Photograph or Articles
  8. Submit a Bailiffs Fishery Report (attach photographs if you have them)

Members Articles will need to be approved by the Editor of FAS’s website and if accepted will be published within the relevant sections of the Species pages or as relevant within the site.

The Editor may contact you to clarify any items within the submission.

Please ensure that you read the Copyright Information below before submitting any such information to us.

Your assistance in providing such information would be greatly appreciated, as it will continue to enhance our website.

Many thanks,

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary


For reasons of Copyright, we must bring the following to your attention.
All entrants/ photographers will retain copyright and moral rights to their submitted images however, by entering, all entrants grant Farnham Angling Society (FAS), permanent non-exclusive rights to use the images to promote FAS, to use in any FAS publications and FAS advertising campaigns or for any similar future FAS use.

If you or the photographer does not want to grant these rights, please do not submit your contribution to us and withdraw any submission already made by return of email.

If the photographs are considered acceptable for web use, they will be put on the Photographic Competition Gallery, the Fishery Galleries and Species Galleries and if appropriate the Specimen Trophy Gallery – they will usually be posted on the web site within 14-days and possibly sooner.

The decision as to the winning entries for the Farnham Angling Society Photographic Competitions will be made by the Executive Committee at their meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting and the 6 x Winners and 6 x Runners Up will be notified by email prior to the AGM in order that they may attend to receive their prizes in person.