Sub-Sections within FAS

The Society has several sections within it that have gradually developed over the years in response to the Society’s needs, the requirement of our Members and the need to education the anglers of the future and to protect certain species.

The Team of Bailiffs

The Bailiffs have what must be the hardest job within any fishing club, maintaining the rules and regulation on the fisheries, where our Members simply want to enjoy their days fishing. However, in order to protect our fisheries, their stocks and other Members enjoyment of their surroundings it is imperative that the fisheries are regularly bailiffed.

The Juniors Section

The Juniors of today are the sports future so it is imperative that they enjoy their fishing and carry on as members as Seniors and we believe that the best way to do that is to give them a helping hand. We arrange tuition on several waters to cover a range of angling techniques and species from fishing for Crucian, Roach and Tench on Kings Pond to fishing for small Carp, Bream and Roach on Badshot Lea Small Pond, specialised Carp fishing on Badshot Lea Big Pond and Barbel on the River Blackwater.

The Match Section

The history of Match fishing within Farnham Angling Society stretches all the way back to its earliest roots, although you will not see too many of today’s match anglers fishing in a suit, shirt and tie and a flat cap, you will be able to learn a great deal from them if you care to watch them at the matches as you will see what nets they put together in just 5-hours of very focused fishing.

The Pike Teach-Ins

These were set up in order to protect the UK’s apex predatory fish that lives in 90% of the Society’s waters, which due to their evolutionary refinement, have become sensitive to poor handling when caught and in order to help preserve them the Society runs extremely well attended, very successful and highly respected tuition every year.

The Trout Section

The Trout Section provides a fly-fishing only stretch of the River Wey for use only by its 25 members.

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary