Submit Forms

The following forms can be linked to from here:

  1. Submit Photographs for the Competition
    by 7th January each year
  2. Submit a claim for a New FAS Record Fish
  3. Submit a claim for the Specimen Trophies
    by 14th January each year.
  4. Submit Catch Reports
    (preferably with photographs) for our web site (Photographs contained within these shall be considered for the Photographic Competitions).
  5. Submit an Article
    (preferably with photographs) for our web site.
  6. Submit a Water Report & Photo
    for submission to the Angling Times & Carp Talk
  7. Submit a Reward Claim
    for a published Photograph or Articles
  8. Submit a Bailiffs Fishery Report
    (attach photographs if you have them)
  9. Submit a Motion for discussion at the next AGM
    (by 31st October), with your details as Proposer and that of your Seconder: as per section 9.1.4 of our Constitution