Submit Claim for a Reward

If you have recently caught a good fish and have promoted both the catch and Farnham Angling Society, by having reported the catch to the angling press and have been successful in having it published, then please advise us of the name of the angling publication and send us a copy of the press report. This should show the photo with you clearly wearing an item of Farnham Angling Society’s promotional clothing or with a write up that mentions Farnham Angling Society.

As a thank you, the Society, you will receive either a £15.00 Tackle Voucher or 25% off the cost of your next Farnham Angling Society handbook, the choice is yours.

You can submit this form or post us a copy of the catch report from the press publication with a completed copy of this form by post to:

Ian Gray, Honorary Secretary, Farnham Angling Society, c/o  28 Grantley Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8BW

(Not forgetting to enclose the photographs that you wish to submit)


For reasons of Copyright, we must bring the following to your attention. 
All authors/ photographers will retain copyright and moral rights to the submitted article and images however, by entering, all authors and photographers grant Farnham Angling Society (FAS), permanent non-exclusive rights to use the of text and images to promote FAS, to use in any FAS publications and FAS advertising campaigns or for any similar future FAS use.

If you or the photographer does not want to grant these rights, please do not submit your article to us and withdraw any submission already made by return of email.

If the articles and photographs are considered acceptable for web use, they will be put on Farnham Angling Society’s web site – they will usually be posted on the web site within 31-days and possibly sooner.

Your Published Water Report

Please provide a copy of the photograph used in the press release, eithjer digital image or a hard copy sent by post.