Origins of the FAS Specimen Trophies & Match Cups

Many thanks to Simon Hunter, Fran Borra, Charlie Collier, Howard Martin, Tony Jeatt & Alec Magee for assisting with the origins of all the cups.

If anyone has any information about any of the Cups with unknown origins, it would be great to hear from you, please email me at 

Ian Gray – Honorary Secretary

Specimen Trophies

The submissions for this competition will need to be accompanied by a photograph of the fish and details of the capture including a witness if possible. All winners of FAS specimen trophies receive a complimentary FAS handbook for the following season and a replica trophy to keep.

A O King Memorial Trophy (Best Specimen: % of UK Record)

Mr Albert O King was the first Secretary of Farnham Angling Society and was largely responsible for driving the club onwards and laying the foundations for where we stand today, as one of the largest non-affiliated fishing clubs in the country. AOK owned the barbers shop in South Street in Farnham, the barbers being at the rear and with a fishing tackle shop at the front of the premises !

AOK caught a 23lb Pike from Frensham Little Pond that he had set up, this joined a Tench and a Bream that were already there, and were kept facing the customers whilst they sat in the barbers chairs.

The Deryk Randall Specimen Carp Award

Deryk was an angler, and keen cigar aficionado, who spent countless hours helping our club become the success it is now. At various times he held the positions of Bailiff, Head Bailiff, Chief Bailiff, Committee Member, Web Master & Vice President of Farnham Angling Society as well as serving on many sub committees and helping others with their roles as well. In his later years he was instrumental in setting up the website and online ordering system. He spent many 1000’s of hours learning about online systems, GPDR, online security, email marketing, merchant transactions & back end web design for the club and strongly believed that we should be providing fishing for all. Unfortunately Deryk passed away in 2021 and to commemorate his love of the club his wife & two sons have kindly donated a beautiful cigar box trophy that will be awarded to the member who catches the best carp of the year.

Ron Hayes Memorial Trophy (Best Chub from any fishery)

Mr Ron Hayes was an FAS member who was very keen on fishing for Chub and whose widow donated a trophy in his memory.

Alan Peach Memorial Tray (Stockbridge Pond – Best Tench)

Mr Alan Peach was a bailiff on the water, an Executive Committee member and involved in Fishery Management. He was part of a team of members that spent over 3,000 hours rebuilding Stockbridge Pond and never lived to fish it, having tragically dies in 1974. Unfortunately, he was severely asthmatic and tragically died before the age of 50, as a result of an asthma attack causing him to have a car accident. his wife kindly donated the tray to commemorate his love of Tench fishing at Stockbridge Pond: a plaque to commemorate him exists on the dam wall.

Joe Marshall Memorial Shield (Lodge Pond–Best Specimen)

Unfortunately we do not know who Joe Marshall was, if anyone has any information about this historic Shield, which dates back to 19??, it would be great to hear from you, please email me at many thanks

The Barry Cushing Shield – Awarded initially in 2015 for the largest Tench from Frensham Great Pond

Barry Cushing in association with ‘The Tenchfishers’ has kindly donated this Shield, ands as well as winning a complementary permit for the following season, they will also receive a year’s subscription to The Tenchfishers for the following season. The Tenchfishers promote angling and the welfare of Tench and arrange special fish-in events for their members. Further information is available here:

Charity Cup

 The Presidents Shield – Initially awarded in 2018 for the best specimen Barbel from Society Waters

Duncan Charman kindly donated this trophy after becoming President of the Society in February 2018

The 24 Hour Jack Frost Memorial Charity Pairs Match

The Second Chance Charity donated a cup in recognition of the event that was started in 2000 in memory of Jack Frost, a strong supporter of this charity that helps youngsters rebuild confidence with adults through outdoor pursuits, with fishing being one of them. It is fished every year, but the funds raised go to The Second Chance Charity one year and The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham the next.

Mr Jack Frost was a Secretary of Farnham Angling Society from 1955 until 1995/6. He has been an Instructor in the Army Catering Corps and was apparently a wonderful cook.

He served the Society as Honorary Secretary for 40-years from 1955 – 1995.

Historical Cups

The following FAS match cups are no longer fished for.

Ryder Cup

This was a Junior match that was still running in the 1960’s that was fished alongside a Senior match on the same day.
A Mr Dave Dickinson advised that he himself won the match in the early 1960’s, from what was called the Peninsular facing the railway, having caught a Roach and a Gudgeon (when minimum size limits were in force) and he was the only junior to weigh in on the day. 
At that time the two ponds were joined by water, separated only by an old, partly sunken wooden barge and a few concrete pipes, he remembered fishing for jack Pike inside the barge where the wooden panels had rotted away.

Holmes Cup

Origins unknown, but won twice by AO King

The 1952 Coronation Cup

Origins unknown.

Bridge Cup

Origins unknown.

The Hereford Cup

This was based around 4-matches a year that were fished against Hereford Angling Club.

Ryder Cup

Origins unknown.

The Atherton Trophy

Mr Frank Atherton was a former FAS President. He bid for Frensham Little Pond via an auction in 1949, whilst President, and actually bid against the son of the then Secretary (Mr Albert O King), who only stopped bidding on behalf of FAS as he thought that Mr Atherton was acting on behalf of the Society. Not long after, despite entering into am long lease with FAS once the lake had been restored, he was ultimately replaced as President.

Match Section

Cups awarded for individual matches:

Gunstone Memorial Cup

Mr Arthur Gunstone and his brothers were founder members of Farnham Angling Society in 1906.

The Aldershot News Cup

This cup was donated by the Aldershot News newspaper.

The Darby Cup

Origins unknown

The Red Cross Cup

Origins unknown.

The Hospital Cup

Origins unknown.

The Malcolm O’Connell Memorial Cup

Malcolm O’Connell was a Match Secretary for 8-years and was a successful match angler with FAS in the 1980s and 1990s. The Society donated the cup in his memory.

The Len Heath Cup

Len Heath was the owner of a motorcycle business in Farnham, and keen a match fisherman and a member of the Executive Committee.

The Morris Cup

A member named Mr Gentry donated the Morris Cup, unfortunately that is all that we know.

The Bateman Cup

Mr Eric Bateman was a former FAS Treasurer, from about 1975 to 1980.

The William Charlotte Cup

Origins unknown.

The Jack Frost Farnham Pairs

Jack Frost – As well as being Honorary Secretary, he was a keen match angler himself.

The Annual Challenge Cup

Presented by a foreman of Gale & Polden, a printers in Farnham, that did a great deal of work for the Army.
It is believed that this was fished for by the Hampshire & Surrey FAS members ?

The Stuart Rippon Cup

The Stuart Rippon Trophy was donated by the family in 1966 when Stuart sadly passed away.

Stuart joined the Club in 1951 as a very active pleasure angler, visiting Farnham waters every weekend with his son Eddie., they would camp for weeks at a time on Cutmill, Stockbridge and the River Wey at Broomfield Cottage where they caught the odd Trout and cooked it for their tea.

Stuart loved catching big Perch while ledgering live Minnows at Lodge Pond and the Club now fish for this trophy at Lodge Pond on an annual basis.

Eddie is still very active on the match scene and is still one of the Club’s most consistent performers having won his father’s memorial trophy on many occasions.

The Presidents Silver Tray

Mr Alec Levack, the former President of the Society, donated the tray, accompanied by a bottle of champagne when he was alive, as the prize for the winner of the Christmas Fayre Matches.

The Nobby Clark Memorial

Nobby Clark was a good match angler for FAS and was often involved in fishing the Winter League and the Nationals, he died whilst doing what he loved most, fishing on the River Wey when he had a heart attack when out with a friend. The Society purchased a cup in his memory.

Match Cups awarded over more than one match:

The Bernard Parrott Memorial Rosebowl

Bernard Parrott was another very good match angler within FAS and had won the Annual Challenge Cup amongst others.

The rosebowl is awarded for the heaviest total aggregate weight of 4 matches, either home or away, normally 2 on rivers and 2 on still waters.

The Guy Hughes Trophy

Origins unknown.

This is awarded to the Senior with the highest aggregate points over the year, on any Society match throughout the season: 1-point awarded per angler competing: i.e. 30 points for the winner, 29 second etc. Open Matches and Team events excluded.

The Nobles Trophy

Wally Nobles was a non-fishing Secretary of the Society in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, fondly remembered for blowing his whistle when on Badshot Lea Big Pond if members were breaking the FAS rules.

This trophy is awarded for the Junior with the highest aggregate points as shown above: 10 points for the winner, 9 for second, etc.

The Dame Nancy Bryer Association Trophy

Origins unknown.

This is awarded for the heaviest match weight on any Society water.

The Les Cotu Memorial Cup

Les Cotu was an excellent match angler who captained the match team on the early 1960’s, unfortunately he died of a heart attack at a young age, the Society provided a memorial cup to be fished for to mark his memory.

Any two members may nominate as a pair on matches marked pairs, the 1st aggregate weight will receive 10-points, 2nd 9-points etc. Members not fishing as a pair can still fish these matches.