Farnham Angling Society wants everyone to feel safe and valued when they are fishing, so safeguarding our members while they are involved with club activities is very important to us. It’s vital that any concerns about the safety of junior or vulnerable adult members are reported to the club through our Welfare Officer to ensure that steps are taken to solve any issues. 

Please refer to the following documents appended here:

  1. FAS Club Safeguarding Young People Policy
  2. FAS Club Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy
  3. FAS Responding and Reporting a Safeguarding Concern Process and Procedure

The third attachment provides simple steps for what you need to do to report a welfare and safeguarding incident or concern including contact details of the Welfare Officers within Farnham Angling Society.  The document also includes contact details of the safeguarding team at the Angling Trust within whose safeguarding framework Farnham Angling Society operates.

In the event of an incident please do prioritise the immediate safety of the young person or vulnerable adult including, if appropriate, contacting the Emergency Services before contacting the Farnham Angling Society Welfare Officers whose contact details are:

FAS Welfare Officer:
Rob Hill
07788 565768

FAS Deputy Welfare Officer:
Mark Hurdle
07970 413784